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How to Care For

Wood, Thermofoil and Laminate Cabinets

For normal cleaning use a clean soft cloth dampened with a mild solution of two drops of dish washing liquid per one gallon of water.  Wipe off excess moisture thoroughly with a soft dry cloth.

Do not use strong detergents, solvents and abrasive cleaners. Self-polishing waxes or dishcloths may contain remnants of these cleaners.

For wood doors only, clean with light coat of high quality liquid or past furniture wax at least once every six months.  Treat your woods as you would fine furniture and they will reward you with lasting beauty and use.

Do not drape damp cloths or dishtowels over cabinet doors. This moisture can cause permanent damage, such as peeling and discolouration to the cabinet’s finish.

Your cabinets are warranted to exposure to temperatures up to 85°c (185°f). The high heat and steam from toasters, kettles, steamers, and other counter top appliances can be much higher than 85°c (185°f) and therefore must not be allowed to come in direct contact with the cabinets in order to prevent discolouration and peeling.

Self-cleaning appliances generate intense heat during the cleaning cycle. The integrity of the appliances seal or gasket may be compromised during installation or with age.  Residual heat build-up around the appliance can damage the surface and edges of cabinets.  If your appliance is on wheels or casters, pull it out 3″ or 4″ during the cleaning cycle.  If this is not easily accomplished, Normac recommends the opening and/or removal of all doors and drawers adjacent to, or directly above, an appliance during the cleaning cycle.  Another alternative is to use heat shields.

When cooking on your range/stove top always use the exhaust fan to prevent intense heat and steam from reaching the cabinets.

The interior of your kitchen is coated with water resistant top coat. Water or other liquids when allowed to sit on the surface for prolonged periods of time may cause staining and/or bubbling.  In order to prevents this, please ensure dishes, glasses, etc., are dried before placing them in the cupboards.  Also, wipe up any spills immediately.

How to Care For


To assure the long lasting beauty of your counter tops, the following is recommended.

Avoid a concentration of water or wet cloths at or near the junctions of the counter top and sink, back splash and other joints.  Excessive water standing in the area of seams and/or joints may cause glue failure. Damage by excessive water is not warranted by the manufacturer or Normac Kitchens.

Hot pans or activated electrical appliances should not be placed on laminated surfaces – use protective insulating pads.

Abrasive cleaners or steel wool are never to be used.

Household bleach is not to be allowed to remain on the laminated surface.

Do not use the surface as an ashtray or cutting board.

Clean with a damp (not wet) soapy cloth; use a household solvent, rinsing thoroughly with clean water immediately.

Due to building settlement, the dap filler between the counter top and the wall might become loose.  If so, cover with dap or silicone caulking.

Normac Kitchens


Your kitchen and bathroom cabinets are guaranteed against defects in material and/or workmanship by Normac Kitchens.

Joints between the cabinets and the wall of the house / apartment / condominium, as well as the adjustments on the doors, drawers, and the lazy susans may need to be re-sealed or adjusted at a later date due to the settling and drying out of the building.  This work is not under the warranty.

Nature creates but never duplicates. Two pieces of wood, even from the same tree, are never exactly alike.

Due to the difference in natural colour and grain, each piece of wood will react differently to the finishing materials used.